Case Study: TED-Ed

Reinventing Digital Learning

TED, the nonprofit behind the signature TED Talks, has one mission: spreading great ideas. So it was only a matter of time until the organization would create an educational platform, inspired by the success of the brand’s viral talks. TED approached A Hundred Years to develop a platform to bring the TED-Ed concept to life.

Using the abundance of user-generated content online, TED talks, and original material, we worked with the TED-Ed team to design and develop a playful experience for both educators and students with the goal of reconnecting them with the joy and discovery of learning. The revolutionary platform gives teachers the ability to create customized lesson plans around any TED-Ed or YouTube video, add their own comprehension checks, distribute lessons privately or publicly, and track real-time performance statistics for individual students, classes, or the public at large.


The mobile app-like feel for many of the publishing features simplifies and streamlines the workflow for educators while the administration tool allows the TED-Ed editorial staff to easily publish daily content and analyze user engagement throughout the site. More recently, we helped extend the platform’s reach even further with TED-Ed Clubs, which allows students and educators to create learning clubs in their schools by providing a 13-session curriculum that culminates in a TED-style talk.

Over the past several years, we’ve worked closely as partners on the platform, providing a team of agile designers who can apply what they learn from feedback and analytics to suit users’ evolving needs as they engage with Ted-Ed.

In addition to winning 8 Webby awards and a TIME Magazine best site of the year award, the Ted-Ed website and content engages millions of teachers and students from around the world.

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