Case Study: The Fund for Public Schools

Storytelling to Spur Action

Raising money for a good cause comes down to more than, well, a good cause. Among many factors, it involves how you tell you the story.

Since 1982, the Fund for Public Schools has raised over $440M to benefit the 1.1M students in the public school system through public-private partnerships. Considering that one in every 8 NYC residents is a public school student, the organization makes a pretty compelling case: an investment in the students is truly an investment in the future of the city. FPS approached A Hundred Years to help craft its pitch.

Taking inspiration from the organization’s existing color palette, we focused on streamlining and strengthening how FPS talks about what they do and why they do it. Bold statements and powerful statistics reflect the sense of urgency and highlight the potential for impact.

A clear articulation of FPS programming, progress they’ve made, and goals for scaling across the system through visual storytelling and anecdotes showcase their systematic approach and keep the organization’s overarching mission front of mind. Learn more about FPS here.