Our Partners

We partner with clients who are committed to driving purpose to their core and creating long-term positive impact. They are leading philanthropic organizations, corporations, social enterprises, government agencies, and entrepreneurs who are tackling the most important challenges of our time.

Our Clients


TED needed a partner to imagine the future of education by leveraging technology to drive long-term impact. Together, we created a platform for educational videos targeting 14-18 year olds to spark their curiosity and bring the thrill of learning to life in a new way. The wildly successful site allows teachers to create fully customizable lesson plans (219,000 and counting!) inspired by TED Talks and YouTube videos.

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Case Study Case Study: TED-Ed


We partnered with NASA’s Spitzer Science Center to relaunch the organization’s online presence and develop a virtual museum showcasing space imagery captured by infrared technology.

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UCLA Health

The premier medical institution asked us to help improve their communication tools with the goal of streamlining their day-to-day operations. Through small-scale primary research, we uncovered the possibilities and envisioned and conceptualized an overhaul of their internal platform, customizing tools relevant to all types of medical professionals at the hospital and providing thoughtful, elegant solutions for a more informed daily experience.

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Case Study Knowledge Management Needs a Facelift

X Prize

Innovation engine X Prize has helped spur various initiatives to benefit humanity through its game-changing approach to philanthropy. Through content strategy, writing, UX, design, and development, we helped the organization’s fundraising team showcase their key success stories on-the-go.

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SAP, a major software solutions company, approached us with the goal of shifting their global business to become more impact-driven. Together we engaged for a strategic visioning project and workshop, gathering 20 SAP leaders to collaborate.

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The Rockefeller Foundation

We partnered with one of the world’s leading philanthropic foundations on two significant transformations: We turned its website into a strategic tool to influence policymakers and private sector leaders, and by solving a staff collaboration and knowledge management challenge, we enabled Rockefeller to unearth solutions to global problems.

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Case Study Case Study: The Rockefeller Foundation

New York City Department of Education

We partnered with the NYC DOE to drive long-term change to ensure all 1.1 million New York City public school students receive an excellent education. Working collaborating with a large group of stakeholders across the DOE and the Fund for Public Schools, we created a unified communication strategy that amplifies the DOE’s commitments and vision, aligned with the Mayor and Chancellor’s Equity & Excellence For All agenda.

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Case Study Case Study: NYC Department of Education


We partnered with the leading bio research institution to create long-term impact by connecting people across the globe with the most pressing ecological issues of our time. Working closely with the team of scientists, we helped them reframe complex concepts as engaging, human stories on their website with the goal of inspiring audiences to action.

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Doctors Without Borders

International medical humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières was striving to raise awareness and reframe perceptions around the refugee crisis. We partnered on the development of a campaign and website for a traveling exhibition depicting the refugee experience, helping to build empathy around the concept of home and highlighting individual stories.

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Case Study Case Study: Doctors Without Borders


We partnered with the global nonprofit to help alleviate global poverty. Managing both the front-end technology, design direction, and information architecture of the ONE.org site redesign, we helped the organization drive long-term impact by sharing stories that inspire audiences to get involved in the cause.

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A global business leader Hansgrohe has also been a major proponent of sustainability and water conservation since the 1930s. We created a documentary to share their history and vision, featuring the last 100 years of innovation in design and technology, which they showcased in the newly constructed theater at the company headquarters.

Case Study Case Study: Hansgrohe

Vulcan Prodcutions

We collaborated with Paul Allen’s world-class production company to drive long-term impact by guiding audiences from interest and intrigue to action. Leveraging their extraordinary content and wide range of subjects, we showcased some of the most pressing issues of our time to effect change.

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Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente's Baldwin Park Medical Center developed an innovative model for hospital operations that needed a tactical, practical, and inspirational digital guide. We crafted a digital toolkit that allowed physicians, administrators, and operations to work more effectively and efficiently, communicating key information such as staffing needs and patient flow, while focusing on patient care.


The cultural powerhouse approached us to reimagine their online catalogue, paving a new path for the future of digital scholarship with a fun, engaging approach. Crowdsourcing inspiration from members of the organization itself and collaborating with dozens of museums, we redesigned several pieces including their site and mobile app and launched small digital products, such as the Out of Print Art Catalogue Digital Reader.

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LA River

We collaborated with the LA River Revitalization Corp to imagine a healthier, happier, and more prosperous Los Angeles by reconnecting our community. Through a series of workshops, we together we envisioned the future of the 51-mile stretch of land in collaboration with a diverse group of stakeholders, including long-time partners Barbara Groth and design visionary Bruce Mau.

The B Team

We helped the group of business leaders position their website as a tool to drive long-term impact by leveraging the influence of their members.

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Clinton Foundation

We partner with the Clinton Foundation on various events designed to inspire the next generation of leaders in the impact space. Through our collaborative effort, we have provided big-picture thinking, programming, experience design, and networking opportunities.

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Impact Hub

We continuously partner with the social impact-oriented incubator to drive long-term impact by leveraging the influence of its network of socially minded doers and thinkers. In our ongoing relationship, we’ve helped evolve the brand identity as well as marry the brand strategy with business strategy, honing everything from tone and voice to content strategy.

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Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

We partnered with RWJF to drive long-term impact by systemically reimagining the future of healthcare. We created a website that spurs audiences to action, inviting them to join a movement of building a culture of health by engaging in conversations and sharing stories.

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We collaborated with George Lucas’ flagship foundation to imagine the future of education by activating the millions of members in its global community. Spurred by its milestone 25th anniversary, we guided the organization through the development and execution of a campaign and educated the team on methods for measuring their campaign’s success.

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Kiss the Ground

International Council of Museums

We led a workshop with executives from the world's leading cultural organizations, spanning Amsterdam to Egypt to China, to help them leverage their respective organizations’ brands to create lasting impact. We explored topics ranging from how to connect personal and organizational purpose to identifying unique assets in order to unleash influence.

Practice Areas

Case Study What Good Can Your Brand Do?

Millennial Train Project

We hosted a workshop with a group of entrepreneurial millennials to inspire them to think about their legacy while growing their businesses from the ground up. Through a storytelling exercise, we explored how to focus on lasting change while launching an enterprise; how to articulate what's possible for the future; and how to engage audiences by sharing a "defining moment.”

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Case Study How Optimism Could Save Us

LA Innovation Week 2015

We partnered with LA Innovation Week to effect long-term change in the city by leveraging a network of cross-sector collaborators. Together, we created a brand strategy, visual identity, and website to showcase LA Innovation Week, which aimed to connect innovators, disruptors, and dreamers across the city’s vast geography.

Renaissance Learning

The technology-based educational company focused on K-12 learning is on a mission to help students meet their potential by turning data into insights. The organization approached us to help them develop educational products that engage administrators, teachers, students, parents, and the public around learning insights, strategies, and practices to accelerate learning.



World Science Festival

World Science U needed a partner to imagine the future of digital education. Co-founder and physicist Brian Greene approached us to help him transform his offline physics courses into a compelling online learning experience. Building a completely custom editorial backend, we created a site that engages students with everything from video lectures to interactive "Office Hours."

Women’s Heart Alliance