A Hundred Years is a creative consultancy that leverages the power of purpose to help organizations realize their highest potential

We believe that purpose is the greatest ambition of any individual or organization that is connected to the broader needs of society. It moves people and inspires them to change their attitudes and behaviors toward an organization, brand, or cause. By taking the long view, we draw on both strategy and design to devise solutions that drive organizations forward while generating positive social impact.

Why Purpose

Purpose is the key to unlocking the long-term value and relevance of any organization. Properly activated, it turns leaders into evangelists, employees into activists, and consumers into believers. By connecting with the needs of society, we believe purpose can help foster social and environmental progress while driving sustainable business success.

A 100-Year Lens

We approach purpose by taking the long view. Just beyond the scope of a human lifetime, the 100-year perspective shifts our thinking: It challenges us to ask what does the world need 100 years from now, and how can we create value today towards that future?

Purpose-Led Transformation

The ever-increasing pace of change makes an organization’s ability to transform one of the most critical factors for creating long-term value. At its core, transformation is about inspiring people to move towards a shared goal or vision with conviction and enthusiasm. For that, the central question organizations must answer is “Why?” Why do we need to change? Why should I engage, purchase, or invest? Purpose provides a powerful answer that can spark large-scale positive change.


We are a global team of strategists, designers, storytellers, technologists, and changemakers who believe in a future full of possibilities. Big thinkers and ambitious doers, we love rolling up our sleeves to bring an organization’s purpose to life and inspire people into action for a better tomorrow.

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