A Hundred Years

A Hundred Years is a design studio committed to creating long-term impact. Working across public, private, and philanthropic sectors, we take a human-centered approach to tackle everything from designing new business models to inspiring action through storytelling.

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Audacious & Optimistic

We are a team of designers, strategists, storytellers, technologists, and change-makers who share the belief that our future is full of possibility.

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Just Beyond the Average Life-Span

A Hundred Years speaks to what we’re all working towards, and what we’ll leave behind. We use the 100-year lens to imagine what’s possible. To get to the heart of the matter. And to create meaningful impact today.

Leverage Your Unique Assets

Amplifying Your Dreams

We collaborate with extraordinary organizations. In the past few years alone, we’ve helped dream up the future of education, created an online platform to support female entrepreneurs, and joined a nationwide effort to build a culture of health.

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Let your inner wisdom guide us

We believe that our clients know themselves and their work better than we ever could. We work to unlock institutional and individual wisdom and facilitate conversations to surface unrealized insights. Together, we create a strategy to embody the vision and expose the heart of an organization.