A Hundred Years

Just beyond the scope of a human lifetime, The 100-year time frame shifts our perspective to what truly matters.

We support organizations and individuals of extraordinary influence in charting a path that serves the wellbeing of generations to come.

The 100Years Advisory

Supporting legacy-focused organizations in transitions of generational consequence.

The 100Years Studio

Building experiences and technologies that deepen connection, understanding and collaboration.

The 100Years School

Inspiring and equipping individuals to live and act with clarity, self-respect and resolve.

A Hundred Years has developed long-term strategies and experiences for

  • TED
  • Mattel
  • Disney
  • NASA
  • The Rockefeller Foundation
  • WWF
  • The Kavli Foundation
  • Smithsonian Institution
  • Geroge Lucas Education Foundation
  • EFA: European Forum Alpbach

Featured in

  • Forbes
  • The Atlantic
  • The Washington Post
  • Time
  • Enterpreneur

Our teams are experienced, self-directed and working remotely across 4 continents.

We gather with our clients and collaborators for intensive journeys on land to do deep work, and then integrate and support with ongoing online collaboration.

What we believe

About humans

Any worthy work today must have future generations at its heart — and humans (largely) are wired for this and demonstrate it daily in the realm of their closest communities.

About experience

Embodiment is the gateway to any notable breakthrough. The universal power of beauty, sensorial experience and mystery unlock imagination, conviction and the courage to act.

About change

All systemic transformation originates in personal transformation. The immense challenge of changing entrenched systems can only be sustained if it originates in deep personal yearnings, cosmic humility and clarity on how and where to contribute.

About nature

Whatever is built for the long term must work with nature's principles, not against them. We firmly believe in the bond between humanity and nature and the wisdom within it to help us imagine and shape a life-giving world.

For more information contact Marc Mertens or Thomas Winkelmann